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grove studio is an atelier of designers creating premiere interior design collections for hospitality, commercial, and residential manufacturers.




Mixed with strong and modern cultural influences, attention to surface and scale, each pattern is developed with intrinsic respect for detail and character. Modern is contrasted against classic influences.

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About grove studio

A grove of trees grows together, with each tree sharing light from the sun, water from the rain and strength from the soil. Each tree is strong and beautiful on its own—but together, the grove is truly a thing of beauty. Just as a grove is made of many individual trees, Grove Studio is comprised of talented designers who bring unique perspectives and skills. Together, we grow seeds of ideas into beautiful designs rooted in strong, solid concepts.

An atelier serving the hospitality and residential design industry, Grove Studio specializes in design. Our designs weave modern cultural influences with an underlying appreciation of classic forms, conveying refinement, harmony and quality with understated elegance and beautiful honesty.


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